UPC Co-Sponsorships

Please fill out this form to apply to co-sponsor an event with UPC.

Our UPC Ad-Hoc Outreach Committee will meet bi-weekly to approve and disapprove events.

Events UPC will not co-sponsor

  • Philanthropic events
  • Events that are not open to all students (any student must have the opportunity to attend)
    • Prefer events to be free
    • Events where alcohol is present
    • Events that only ask for marketing or funding

UPC’s goals for co-sponsorships

  • Work with CIOs on events which enhance and enrich the student experience
  • Co-sponsor events with an important message
  • Reach students who usually lack interest in attending events or do not hear about UPC events
  • Co-sponsor with organizations which bring unique insight to the table

UPC’s co-sponsorship process

  1. CIOs send in Co-Sponsorship request form
  2. UPC’s Outreach Ad-Hoc Committee reviews co-sponsorship requests
  3. Outreach Committee will send requests which meet our standards to the UPC committee best fit to be a potential co-sponsor
  4. UPC committee will decide whether to take on the co-sponsorship