PKG Concerts


Henry Booth, 3rd Year,


Howdy all, I’m Henry the director of UPC’s PKG Concerts Committee. I’m a third year majoring in history and English, so I’ve gotten pretty used to the “what are you going to do with that after college” questions. I’m from Portland, Oregon, and no it’s not just like Portlandia. If you seem me around Grounds or bumming in the PAC be sure to say hi, I’m always down to talk music or what I’ve been listening to. Any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments feel free to hit me up! And if you’re at all interested in PKG and what we do (namely concerts and music-related event programming), please ask!

PKG is first and foremost a group of friends all drawn together through a common love for music. Our meetings are just as much event planning as they are just showing each other new music. We strive to spend the school year planning the highest quality concert and music related events on Grounds for the UVA and Charlottesville community. We aim to bring together the Charlottesville and UVA music communities, and showcase music in all forms at UVA, from student bands and performers to DJs and national acts. We love organizing events that allow us to display some of our music tastes and interests with the community at large.